About Sena Engineering

SENA Engineering PLC is one of the fastest growing Electrical and IT Solutions & Managed Services providers in Ethiopia aspiring to become a prominent firm in both national and International level. 

SENA Engineering is a striving to become a leader on Green Energy solutions using renewable resources and IT Solutions Provider with its Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security, Access Control Systems, IT Infrastructure Development, Cloud solutions, Systems integrations and technology consultations. 

Founders of SENA are passionately interested to the advancement of excellence and care in a manner that inspires trust from customers and partners as well as the community. Members of the founding group have an impressive reputation in both Electrical and IT/IS fields backed by the character, experience, hard work and dedication.


Our Missions is to deliver the best value and volume proposition to our clients and partners, by following a proactive approach for product marketing and distribution and thereby become a partner of choice to provide a comprehensive range of professional Electrical and IT Solutions and service.

Our vision is to be a leading Electrical and IT Distributor and System integrator in Ethiopia for a vast range of industry verticals like Educations, Security, Construction, Hospitality, Government, Law Enforcement, Defense, Telecom, etc. We believe in bringing the best-of-breed technology to the client’s doorstep and facilitate extracting maximum potential from pioneering products for improved business pace and scalability. To be recognized as the best regional Services provider by rendering excellent services to Clients, Candidates and Partners.



As SENA’s main line of business is Electrical and IT product design, development, and services, Our core value involves a pool of specialists who master a repertoire of Electrical & IT tools and business process design methods.