Power and Energy

Power Distribution and Control System Design

We design and install switchgear system for distribution, control and supply.

We design, size, supply and install:

  • Various power distribution boards with breakers and control devices
  • Pump control boards (start-delta, impedance and soft starts). Generator automatic transfer switches

Photocell switch control boards Flow and volume control boards.

Uninterrupted Power Supply System

The UPSs that we design and propose are with robust nature of battery and solid-state control. We use a long lasting UPS batteries.

We do the sizing, supply and installation of:

  • Different capacity modular UPSs for data center and central power backup of commercial buildings
  • Inverter power controlled battery banks for offices.

Sound Proofed Generating Sets

The generating sets that we size are sound proofed and are data center resilient.

Generators are emission free and environmentally friendly.